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 2019 Harbor Springs T-Ball Rules

1. Every player of the team will be listed on the score sheet. This will be the batting order.

2. There are no restrictions as to the number of players on the field.

3. The offensive coach will "pitch" to his players.

4. All games will last five (5) innings or one (1) hour, whichever comes first. If an inning starts before the one (1) hour, that inning can be 


5. There will be a five (5) run limit per inning.

6. Stealing is not allowed.

7. The ball is dead when thrown back to the pitcher (offensive team’s coach).

8. On an overthrow, the ball is considered dead and NO extra base is rewarded.

9. If the batter hits the ball to the outfield, the ball is considered "dead" when the outfielder holds the ball over his head. The runners must freeze on the closest base.

10. All players must stay behind the "safety" line (imaginary line between first and third base) until the ball is struck and put into play.

11. There are no standings or scores. Keeping score is just for the benefit of managing the "five run limit" per inning only. Please stress the fundamentals (hitting, fielding, throwing). All children are winners, and can be competitive.

12. Bases are sixty (60) feet apart.

13. The catcher must stay in foul territory until the ball is struck into play. An adult from the offensive team will assist with catching.

14. Players can only play two innings at one position.

15. Rolling the ball to the base is not allowed.

16. No throwing bats. One (1) warning will be issued, then an out will be called.

17. Offense and defense will change after three (3) outs or five (5) runs.

18. The home team is responsible for providing two (2) game balls for each game.

19. The FIRST listed home team is responsible to drag, chalk, and water the field prior to the start of the day. The other two home teams are responsible for field maintenance prior to their game (if necessary). On warm days, it is necessary to water the field before EACH game to keep the dust down.

20. Any player catching must wear a mask until after the ball is struck.

21. Please review situational and basic baseball terminology with your players.


1. Every player is listed on the scoresheet. This is the batting order.

2. Every player plays the field. No designated hitter.

3. The offensive coach (or designee) will pitch to his players via machine for the first four games. 

4. After 3 strikes, the batter is out.

5. Explain "strike out" and encourage hitting machine pitches.

6. All games will last no more than 5 innings and an inning will not start after one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of start time.

7. Three innings is a "complete" game.

8. There is a five (5) run limit per inning. Everyone MIGHT NOT bat every inning.

9. Thou shalt not steal.

10. The ball is dead when it is thrown back to the pitcher.

11. Batters advance until the ball is "dead" or back to the pitcher and can advance more than one base.

12. There is score kept for purposes of winning and losing, however, we control the game and tempo as coaches. Make sure it is a level

playing field and that the proper game etiquette is being taught, win or lose. Stress fun.

13. Offense and defense change whenever 5 runs or THREE OUTS occur.

14. Rookie league will be played with a safety ball.

15. Have FUN

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